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Cyclopath is available in the
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personalized bikeability

Cyclopath lets you enter personal bikeability ratings for roads and trails. This unique rating system helps find the best routes for you, while also supporting the community with your individual knowledge.

geowiki what?

Cyclopath is a geowiki: an editable map where anyone can share notes about roads and trails, enter tags about special locations, and fix map problems - like missing trails. Hundreds of Twin Cities cyclists are already doing this, making Cyclopath the most comprehensive and up-to-date bicycle information resource in the world.

new features

Route sharing
Edit, save, and share bike routes with other Cyclopath users. You can browse through routes shared by others and save your own private routes. Routes can now have mulitple destinations.

Android App
Cyclopath has finally gone mobile! Check out our app at the Android Marketplace.

coming soon

Secret plans
We have a lot cool, exciting, and big plans for Cyclopath that will be upcoming this year. There's so much work left to do, though, that we don't want to spoil the surprise.

Cyclopath for Android

Cyclopath Mobile Beta is now available for Android devices! This mobile version currently allows you to:

  • Find your location on our map
  • Find routes
  • Record GPS tracks

You can downlad the app from the Android Marketplace.