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Welcome to Cyclopath, the geowiki for Twin Cities bicyclists. You can use Cyclopath to find routes and share information with other cyclists.

Nobody knows where you can go, and what you will find when you get there, better than you, the bicycling community. Cyclopath enables bicyclists to harness this collective knowledge and build a comprehensive, up-to-date information resource by and for the community.

You can go to the main website itself by clicking the image above. The text wiki you are currently looking at is for information about the geowiki. It is a standard MediaWiki installation and works very similarly to Wikipedia.

What is the status of Cyclopath?[edit]

Cyclopath is mature software already in use by hundreds of Twin Cities cyclists.

You can use Cyclopath anonymously, but we strongly recommend that you create an account in order to access our personalization features.

Table of contents[edit]

Who runs Cyclopath?[edit]

Cyclopath is operated by GroupLens Research, the human-computer interaction and social computing research group at the University of Minnesota. For more details, see Thanks.