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The following videos tutorials explain Cyclopath's major features. You can view them online here or download high-quality AVI versions.


[edit] Getting Started

Please note: This video contains directions for finding a route using an old version of the software. Please see #Finding a Route and Using Search Preferences below for current how-to on finding routes. We'll fix this soon!

Download AVI (17 MB)

[edit] Rating Bikeability to Improve Routing for You and Others

Download AVI (29 MB)

[edit] Adding and Removing Tags and using Point Filters

Download AVI (7 MB)

[edit] Finding a Route and Using Search Preferences

Download AVI (11 MB)

[edit] Sharing and Editing Points of Interest

Download AVI (20 MB)

[edit] Sharing Notes on Streets and Trails

Download AVI (22 MB)

[edit] Editing Streets and Trails and How They Connect

Download AVI (55 MB)

[edit] Cyclopath for Android - Demo

[edit] Monitoring the Work of Others

(coming soon)

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